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Article: Choosing the Perfect Nightstand for You

Choosing the Perfect Nightstand for You

Choosing the Perfect Nightstand for You

When choosing furniture, it’s easy to overlook the importance of nightstands, picking something by default instead of singling out a product that will delight. But your nightstand is one of your most important pieces of furniture, something that you’ll use every day and that helps define the aesthetic of your most intimate space, the bedroom.

How can you go about picking the perfect nightstand?

Space and Size

The first step is to match the size of the nightstand to the space you’re fitting it into, and in many ways, this is the easy part. In theory, you can just measure the floor space where the nightstand will stand, then find one that will fit.

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as that. If you pick a nightstand that fits exactly into its space, then you might struggle to maneuver it in and out. If it’s too much smaller, you’ll lose valuable space on the nightstand, and end up with an odd-looking gap around it.

Height also matters. Check how far up the bed is raised, or any furniture you’re going to use the nightstand with. Think about how high it will have to be for you to comfortably set things down on top, and whether you can access any compartments underneath.

All this measuring isn’t an exact science, but it’s an important first step in filtering out nightstands that are too big or too small.

Style and Decor

Next, have a think about the décor of the room and what style of nightstand might fit. For example, the solid, traditional design of the Evajoy BF001 end table would fit well with a rustic aesthetic, creating a traditional look and feel. Despite its modern materials, it looks like it would fit in an older setting, creating an atmosphere of comfort and familiarity.

The Evajoy BF002 nightstand, on the other hand, has a combination of metal frame and wood finish for a more contemporary setting. It might suit a smaller room where you want to take up less visual space, while keeping some of that traditional style through its wood elements.

Some nightstand designs have a variety of options, so think about which one will best fit with your style and in particular the color scheme. For example, if you’re choosing between the white, black and gray options of a model like the Evajoy BF001 end table, you might go for a lighter color in a room that’s already looking a little gloomy. On the other hand, you might not want to go for white if you know that you’re prone to spilling and scuffing – a darker tone will help to hide the coffee rings.

Other features can add to a nightstand’s visual appeal as well as its function. The color and brightness of the light in the Evajoy BF001 end table can be varied to provide more light while reading, a relaxing atmosphere as you settle down to sleep, or just enough illumination to get to the bathroom in the night without disturbing your partner. If there’s no built in light, then think about how well one will fit, and how you can angle it for the best illumination.

Material and Quality

If you’re going to invest in a piece of furniture, then you want it to last, so it’s important to pay attention to the materials.

Some people look down on composites, but they’re an adaptable way to build furniture and can become pieces that last. The Evajoy BF001 end table is solidly made from chipboard and MDF allowing a pleasing, durable finish and weighty design.

If you prefer more traditional elements, you can still find them deployed in new and good-looking ways. The Evajoy BF002 nightstand’s metal frame ensures that it remains solid despite its visual lightness, while the eco-friendly wooden components provide a more natural element that’s waterproof, durable, and scratch-resistant.

Some modern nightstands incorporate charging points, so it’s worth looking at what sort and how many of them are included. The Evajoy BF001 end table has an AC adapter and two USB ports, making it easier to plug in a bedside lamp and to charge devices such as phones and e-readers, while the four-port charging station on the Evajoy BF002 nightstand fulfills a similar role. More isn’t always better, as these take up space, so think about how many outlets you want by the bed and what sort of cables they use, then look for a nightstand with appropriate outlets.

Function and Design

Some people prefer a simple design, while others go for something with ornamentation. But the most fundamental functional point to consider is whether you want something that’s open, with its contents easily available, or with doors and drawers to close storage away.

An enclosed cupboard, like that in the Evajoy BF001 end table, can provide you with handy storage for books, valuables, and toiletries that you want to keep by the bedside, keeping them neatly out of sight.

Alternatively, if you’re willing to accept some visual clutter in return for easier access, then a design like the Evajoy BF002 nightstand might work better. Its open space is handy for books and magazines or anything you want available during the night, while its upper drawer provides a convenient place to safely stow away small objects like wallets and keys.

A nightstand that also fits other purposes can be useful in giving you greater flexibility to rearrange your home as your tastes and needs shift. Something like the Evajoy BF001 end table, with its solid build and handy storage space, can also function as an office cabinet or the side table in a living room. The Evajoy BF002 nightstand, with its more functional design, could make a handy reading table next to a chair, or add storage space and modern appeal to a hallway or landing.

Putting It All Together

The right nightstand for you will be one that brings all of this together – something in the right size and style for your room, in a high quality material, with a design that suits the way you live.

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