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Article: 5 Things to Take Care of Before Adopting Modern Victorian Decor Style

5 Things to Take Care of Before Adopting Modern Victorian Decor Style

5 Things to Take Care of Before Adopting Modern Victorian Decor Style

Are you an interior design enthusiast - or - are you renovating your home? Are you into DIY interior home decor, looking for the right kind of decor for your new home? You cannot go wrong with the modern Victorian decor style

  • The Victorian style decor is timeless
  • It’s evergreen

It has every reason to rule the interior decor industry, isn’t it?

And if you’re one of the interior design enthusiasts, you’ll agree that the Victorian-era elegance, detailing, and charm are hard to ignore. 

In this post, you’ll find out the must-haves of adopting modern Victorian decor style and give your home interior a new look.

Modern Victorian Decor Style: Five Key Factors

It isn’t just the classy Victorian-era designs; there’s more to it. For example, the design renders a sophisticated and luxurious ambiance. You have a plethora of intricate patterns and color palettes combined with a stroke of modern designs.

It all fuses into an intriguing, harmonious ambiance, helping you make your own style statement.

That said, you can’t just implement any modern Victorian decor style, whether it’s your home or office The first thing is to understand the modern design trends when it comes to Victorian interiors.

Below, take a look at some critical elements of modern Victorian interior decor

  1. The Detailing and Intricate Lines

When we talk about the signature Victorian-era decor style, we can’t ignore the impact of fine and delicate lines. That’s important because the detailing and intricacy make your modern Victorian-era furniture more valuable. 

If you’re redecorating a feminine space, you need to take care of those details. And why not? Victorian design furniture adds a romantic aura around the space. 

So, what type of signature Victorian-era style furniture can you choose for your space? 

  • Arm chaises; 
  • Wingback chairs; 
  • Four poster beds; 
  • Vintage pieces, etc.

Not sure what to choose? This stylish Evajoy Round Coffee Table will make it easy for you. It features a premium metal frame with tempered glass. 

The reason you should go for premium metal is that it’s both sleek and sturdy. Plus, it elevates the living space with its delicate outlook. The design is low-profile, so this Victorian style coffee table blends in perfectly with low chairs and couches in your living space. 

Moreover, its easy assembly and low-cost maintenance make this signature Victorian furniture ideal for any type of flooring, whether carpeted or tiled. 

Patterned Wall Papers Add Life to Your Room

Modern decor designs designs heavily focus on minimalism. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have patterned wallpapers. Well, it’s a must-have element for Victorian-era interior decor. Here, you have the freedom to play around with patterns as modern wallpaper design lets you customize and improvise as per your needs. 

The best option is to explore Victorian-era designs and popular themes. For your living room walls, you can go for:

  • Floral themes
  • Patterns
  • Damask designs. 

At the same time, don’t forget to add a modern touch. Remember, it’s quite a balancing act when it comes to selecting tones and accenting your walls.  

Victorian elements are generally bold and loud. On the other hand, modern design elements are seemingly moderate and simpler. That’s why you need to find the right balance between the two design patterns. 

That’s how you can keep your room in perfect shape without overwhelming the designs. 

Add Grandeur Elements that Attract 

One of the hallmarks of a Victorian-era design is the addition of grandeur elements to your living space. 

Typically, Victorian-era decor featured a focal point in every living space. So, these elements caught people's attention inside the home or office. 

That’s why, your living space needs a central attention figure. For instance, typical Victorian-era designs featured crystal chandeliers. But modern designs have replaced these magnificent pieces with simpler and lighter LED designs. 

So while you opt for a simpler lighting style, you can go for other furniture and equipment to capture the attention. 

One such attraction is the Evajoy TV stand. It gives a mid-century look, offering the classiness and elegance of the era. 

The stand features fluted panels supported by steel legs. So it looks modern, and light, yet sturdy. More importantly, the TV stand offers better functionality thanks to: 

  • Lower storage spaces
  • Cable management holes 
  • Sliding closures that save space.
  • Elegant push-to-open doors can store media players, books, and electronic accessories while your TV presents an intriguing look, adding value to your living space. 

You can also go for something simpler yet artistic, like the space-saving Evajoy Storage Bench. The bench is ideal for storing cushions, books, toys, and other small items. 

Its two-in-one design enables you to add more value to the living space. More importantly, it features caster wheels that let you easily move the chest around the room. 

The chest can bear up to 300 lbs, so it’s perfect for storing various accessories without compromising your interior decor looks. 

Keep the Perfect Balance 

Don’t get carried away while attempting to upgrade your Victorian-era decor style. 

Generally, Victorian-era homes boasted their collectibles and antique pieces. Antique pieces are a great way to boast a Victorian design. But, you’re better off keeping things minimal in a modern design.

That’s how you can balance a modern home and a Victorian-era design. Antique elements help create your own signature Victorian decor style. So, search for pieces that go with the tone and style of your living space. 

Antique pieces help you make a Victorian-style statement without compromising the modern design of your living space. 

Also, it’s a relatively cost-efficient option for a limited-budget Victorian-decor makeover. 

Victorian Design is all About Luxurious Fabrics

Fabric speaks volumes about your preferences and styling sense. Therefore, no Victorian-era decor is complete without luxurious fabrics flailing about in your living space. 

Victorian decor materials are typically:

  • Satin
  • Velvet
  • Heavy brocades

For instance, you can add velvet cushions and pillows. You can use these materials in heavily draped curtains that speak ‘luxury’ from the outset.

Picking a Victorian decor fabric is all about luxury, elegance, and opulence. So, be prepared to spend generously on fabrics. 

To balance the decor with modern designs, you can go for cotton blend fabrics, linens, etc, that feature minimalistic prints. 

Create the perfect balance between rich textures and modern fabrics to add an aesthetic Victorian-styled appeal to your room. 


Adopting a modern Victorian decor style is easier than it seems. It’s about making balanced choices when choosing elements from the Victorian era and combining them with modern interior decor styles

Now that you know the furniture preferences and styling aesthetics, converting your living space into a modern Victorian space should be easier. 

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